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  1. 2021 Citywide Clean Up Host Site Registration Form

    • The City of Fridley is looking for residents, neighborhood groups, community organizations, and businesses to organize and host clean... More…

  2. Adopt-A-Park Application

    The Adopt-A-Park program welcomes all individuals or groups interested in volunteering to help keep our parks clean and beautiful.

  3. Autumn Sampler Order Form

    View products, their regular price and event price, as well as submit orders for the items.

  4. Book an Appointment at City Hall

    City Hall will be open by appointment only through December 18, 2020. To schedule an appointment, fill out this form and you will be... More…

  5. City Newsletter Feedback
  6. Community Organizations

    Community organizations may complete this form to be listed on the City's website as a Fridley community organization. Listing is... More…

  7. Fridley Fire Corps Program Application

    Application for those interested in becoming a Fridley Fire Corp member.

  8. Fridley Photo Contest

    Grab your cameras and give us your best shot!

  9. Health Screening Questionnaire for Fridley City Hall Employees
  10. Neighborhood Meeting Questions
  11. Police Reserve Unit

    Application for those interested in becoming a Fridley police reserve officer.

  12. Recodification Feedback Form

    Submit your feedback and suggestions for revisions to the City Code.

  13. Request for Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Smoke Alarm, and/or Batteries
  14. Volunteer Opportunities and Updates

    Receive information on volunteer opportunities, news, and updates.

  1. ADA Transition Plan Comment Card

    Please use this form to provide feedback on the ADA Transition Plan.

  2. Americans with Disabilities Act Title II Grievance Form
  3. Become a Firefighter
  4. Citizen's Academy
  5. City of Fridley Online Police Report

    To file an online police report, complete this form.

  6. Farr Lake Presentation Questionnaire / Survey
  7. Fridley Liquor Order Form

    Complete this order form and staff member from Fridley Liquor will contact you to process the payment and confirm a pickup day/time.

  8. Fridley Wind Up! Renewable Challenge Registration Form

    To recognize everyone who enters the challenge, the City of Fridley will post the names of challenge participants on the city website... More…

  9. Little Free Library Project Application

    Thank you for filling out an application to construct a Little Free Library for a City park! Please complete the application by May... More…

  10. Nomination Petition
  11. Reading Reminder

    Please submit below information to get reading email reminder.

  12. Request a Cart Change

    Request a free recycle cart change.

  13. Submit Your Photos of Fridley
  14. Winter Warm-up Order Form

    View products, their regular price and event price, as well as submit orders for the items.