When do you plow?

By City policy, plows will go out after two or more inches of snow accumulation, following the end of a snowfall. This can change depending on the type of snow and rate it is falling. For example, if we have a snowfall of less than two inches but the snow will freeze overnight and create a great amount of de-icing after the fact, we will most likely go out and plow. 

Typically, plows will begin clearing the redlines around 3:30-4:30 a.m. following a snowfall. If there is continuous snow that accumulated, they may begin the night before and plow again in the early morning. Our goal with normal snowfalls is to clear main roadways (redlines) in time for the morning commute. Of course, timing, amount, and type of snowfall, as well as preceding and future conditions all factor into scheduling and type of response for plowing and de-icing. 

Our Public Works staff will also be using an anti-ice trailer for the first time this year. This trailer will allow staff to spray a diluted brine mixture on the road before a snowfall to prevent ice from forming, which reduces the amount of road salt needed after the snowfall event. 

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