How to Get Rid of Stuff

Stuff builds up over time, but how do you get rid of it? From old paint to used batteries, grass clippings to fallen branches, old computers to refrigerators... where do you bring it? Find the answers here! And for those questions not covered here, use the Anoka County recycling site:

Yard Waste Disposal

Yard waste can't go in your curbside trash or organics bins. If you do not have a home composting set-up, you can subscribe to yard waste collection service through your garbage hauler or bring your yard waste to one of Anoka County's compost sites. Click here for Anoka County compost sites information. Call 763-767-7964 for more information

Want to try composting at home?

Check out the University of Minnesota Composting Guide. Compost is a great soil additive for sandy soils AND clay soils. The City of Fridley has both! Compost adds needed nutrients and water holding capacity to sandy soils. For clay soils, organic matter breaks up the clay and increase the soil pore size, making water absorb better, with less runoff.

Hazardous Materials Disposal

Hazardous waste can be brought to the Anoka County Household Hazardous Waste Facility for free. The facility is located at: 3230 101st Avenue NE, Blaine, MN 55014

Go to the website or call Anoka County Recycling & Resource Solutions at 763-324-3400 for hours, directions and always call them if you have any questions about whether you can bring a material to the Hazardous Waste Facility or not.

The Anoka County Household Hazardous Waste Facility generally accepts: Automotive Products, Fuel (like old gasoline), Used Oil and Oil Filters, Antifreeze, Household Cleaners, Nail polish and removers, Mothballs, Lawn And Garden Products, Fire extinguishers, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Home Improvement Products, Driveway Sealers, Paints, Paint Thinners, Roofing Tar, Wood Preservatives.

Smoke Detectors

Some smoke detectors have radioactive material and are illegal to throw in the trash. Call the manufacturer listed on the detector to see if that applies to your detector. If your detector has radioactive material, the manufacturer is obligated to take it back. 

Licensed disposal companies can also take smoke detectors with radioactive material. You can search the Recycling directory for options. 

Bulky Items

In 2020, the City of Fridley will have six Residential Recycling Drop-off Events to collect appliances and electronics, mattresses, carpeting, tires and other bulky waste items which are difficult to get rid of responsibly. Some items, like mattresses, TVs larger than 30", CRT processors, over-sized monitors, huge console TVs, and certain quantities of some items will incur fees. Free secure paper shredding is also offered.

If you are unable to attend the events or your item isn't listed, including sofas, sleeper beds, wooden furniture, or plastic furniture check the Anoka County Recycle Guide for additional options.

Old Paint Recycling

Minnesota has signed on to participate in a new program for recycling paint called Paint Care. This is a product stewardship program-a new approach which allows participating stores that sell paint to accept used paint to be recycled. Residential paint and commercial paint is allowed. In the City of Fridley, Amazon Paint at 7180 West Commerce Circle is one of the paint recycling Paint Care participants. You can always call ahead to Amazon: (763) 572-0800 to find out their specifications. The Anoka County Hazardous Waste facility takes paint that has not dried out, paint thinner, paint stripper and turpentine, also wood preservatives.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags cannot be recycled curbside and should not be placed in the recycle bin or used to store recyclables. Plastic bags are accepted for recycling at Cub Foods, Target, and other retailers. Look for the plastic bag recycling container near the building's entrance.


Styrofoam can be recycled at the Coon Rapids Recycling Center (phone 763-767-6485). Many shipping stores such as Fed-EX or UPS will accept dry packing peanuts for reuse.

Household Goods

Many household goods can be reused if they are in good enough condition. Stores that may accept goods for re-use near Fridley include:

5660 Main Street NE
Fridley, MN
Phone: 763-571-2153

Salvation Army
1000 East Moore Lake Dr.
Fridley, MN
Phone: 763-571-9988

4849 Central Avenue NE
Columbia Heights, MN
Phone: 763-571-1319

1633 Terrace Drive,
Roseville, MN
Phone: 763-888-1105

Bridging will sometimes pickup in a garage or in the house for a fee, if you need to remove the contents of an entire house. Their program helps those who are recovering from disadvantages like a house or apartment fire.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore
510 County Road D West
New Brighton, MN
Phone: 612-588-3820
The ReStore accepts some construction and building materials:

Where to Take Old Medications
The City of Fridley has a convenient medication drop box for expired, unwanted or overstock pharmaceuticals in the Police Department at the Civic Campus located at 7071 University Ave. NE. A large metal box in that lobby is the medication drop.  Cross off your name on the medications; sharps not accepted.

Medication disposal box