Waste and Recycling

Find information about garbage service haulers, the city-provided recycling service, bimonthly recycling and paper shredding events, organics recycling, new resident information, and more below.

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Curbside Recycling: What You Need to Know

Pickup is every other week, usually on the same day as your garbage collection. A holiday can sometimes push back collection one day. 

Wondering when your recycle day is? Search for your property in the Fridley Neighborhood Map

Free Upgrade to Larger 96 Gallon Recycling Cart

If you need additional space for cardboard or other recycling, you may request a larger cart or an additional cart at no additional cost.

Request a Cart Change

If you just have extra recycling for a short period of time (for example due to moving), you can place extra recycling in paper bags next to your cart or you can flat cardboard boxes and bundle them together with twine and place them next to the cart. Extra items in plastic bags won't be accepted.

New Residents

Just moved to Fridley and wondering how garbage and recycling works in Fridley? Check out this video to get set up:

Additional Information about Curbside Recycling

  • You do not need to sort recycling, all recyclable items can go in the cart.
  • Extra cardboard that doesn’t fit in the recycling cart can be flattened, tied with twine, and set next to your recycling cart for pick-up. Cardboard must be cutdown to ensure that it can fit in a recycling cart to be loaded by the truck.  Do not set out your extra cardboard on a day when it will get wet.
  • Extra recycling can go in paper bags next to your cart; extra items in plastic bags won't be accepted.
  • Place recycling loose in the cart, items contained in tied off plastic bags might get thrown out.
  • Ensure that recyclables are clean, empty and dry so that they don’t contaminate other items in the recycling truck. Contaminated loads get sent to the trash.
  • Don’t put plastic bags into the recycling cart .Check your local grocery store - many collect plastic bags for recycling. Visit PlasticFilmRecycling.org to learn what these stores collect.