Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Fridley homeowners have a new option when it comes to making improvements to their properties. On April 11, 2022, the City Council approved an ordinance allowing Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs for detached single-family residential properties. Also known as “in-law suites”, “carriage houses”, “guest cottages”, or “granny flats”, among others, ADUs are permanent dwelling units located on the same lot as a principal single-family dwelling. An ADU has its own kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area separate from the main home. Unlike a twin home, where two equivalent housing units share a site but are owned separately, an ADU is smaller than the principal home and cannot be owned separately. 

If you have a question about ADUs that is not answered below, please contact the Fridley Planning Department at 763-572-3592 or by email.

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Accessory Dwelling Units can provide additional housing in Fridley and flexibility for homeowners in how to use their property. An ADU could be an attic or basement apartment, a space above a garage, an add-on space attached to a home, or a separate small structure in the back yard.  

ADUs can support lifecycle housing needs. Over time, rental income provided by an ADU can help homeowners pay their mortgages or save. Homeowners often use their ADU to house a family member who needs care, or they may move into the ADU themselves to downsize.

In the Twin Cities, the Family Housing Fund has developed extensive resources regarding ADUs. On their website, you can view:

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Livable Communities Housing division provides additional resources on ADUs throughout the country, including photos of many existing ADUs:

HousingWorksRI at Roger Williams University provides example plans for adding an ADU to several of Fridley's common housing types, including Ranch (Rambler) homes, Split Level, and Cape Cod homes.

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