Annual Sealcoat Project

The contractor will begin work on Monday, June 21st and will finish by end of day on Wednesday, June 23rd. This will not interfere with the Citywide Garage sale.

One region will be sealcoated this year.  Sealcoating is a common preventative maintenance activity that involves spraying liquid emulsions on the surface of the existing pavement followed by a cover of aggregate.

If you reside or do business on one of the streets to be seal coated, please keep vehicles off the street during the weekdays until seal coat operations are complete.

During the work, driveways will be inaccessible for a period of about thirty minutes or less. Signs will be posted to keep traffic off specific streets until the contractor completes the work. Please obey signage and flaggers for your safety, workers' safety, and to prevent damage to your vehicle. This will allow the contractor to complete the work more quickly, and cause you less inconvenience due to this maintenance work.

After completion of the seal coating work, please avoid sudden stops or starts on the freshly coated streets. This will keep the work in good condition and reduce the need for future street maintenance.

If you have questions, please contact the City of Fridley Engineering Department at 763-572-3554

City of Fridley - 2021 Sealcoat Map 210326